If I Get Disability from Social Security, Will This Help With Getting Disability from Workers' Compensation?

Not necessarily. Each organization that determines disability and awards benefits uses different guidelines. A person may be disabled under Social Security guidelines without being disabled under workers' compensation. The reverse is true as well. Total disability under one system does not mean automatic total disability under another. The same is true for veterans who are rendered disabled. Each system is different. You may need an attorney, personal representative or advocate to help get through the red tape.

How long does it take?

Unfortunately, the time period between applying for benefits and receiving the first check is typically quite lengthy. This is true whether you are handling your own claim or you have an attorney or a personal representative doing it for you. And since it is very common to get turned down at first, the appeals process adds months and months. It is best to "put your best foot forward" in the beginning. In other words, present your strongest case with documentation.

Is there an age requirement to receive Social Security benefits?

No, there is no age requirement. There are benefits available for children through senior citizens. For adults, it is usually easier to get benefits once the person is at least 50 years old. However, age is only one factor of many considerations.

Do I need a lawyer to get Social Security disability?

No, you may be represented by a lawyer or by an advocate/personal representative. It's your choice. Either way, select someone who is familiar with Social Security.

Autism and Social Security

The Social Security Administration now includes certain spectrum disorders as disabilities. Asperger's Syndrome and PDD-NOS may allow a child to receive SS benefits.

The passage of Ryan's Law in South Carolina helps with insurance coverage for children with autism.

There are more and more resources and services available for children with autism.

Is it unusual to be denied benefits?

Absolutely not! It is very common to be denied benefits with the first application. In fact, it is common to be denied twice. Don't be discouraged with a denial letter.